Extract from my latest (free) newsletter

by Malcolm Pryor on 17/01/2014
Here is an extract from my latest (free) newsletter, to sign up please go to www.sparkdales.co.uk. The key components of my interpretation of Clouds are: 1) If price and the Lagging Line are above the Cloud that is bullish, if both are below that is bearish 2) The Cloud represents an area of support for price and the Lagging Line when they are above it, an area of resistance when below it 3) Unlike some I do not become bearish just because price penetrates the lower end of the Cloud, or bullish if price penetrates the upper end of the Cloud; for me to be bearish both price than the Lagging Line have to be below the Cloud, to be bullish both price and the Lagging Line have to be above the Cloud 4) Interpretation works best if at least 2 timeframes are examined 5) Ichimoku is only one of a range of techniques I use to analyse markets.


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